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History of Tire
History of Tire
Due to its geographical location ,over the centuries, Tire has hosted to many civilizations such as Hittites, Phrgyians, Lydians,Persians,Ancient Greeks,Romans and Byzantines.However the historic importance and cultural richness of Tire is rapidly increased after the Turkish hegemony.

Although the initial foundation date is not quite certain, it is mentioned at some chronicles that are belonged to 2000 BC. During Hittites period the city was called as Thyra,Thyroion,Apeteria,Teira and during Roman period it was called as Arkadiapolis .

Tire is the town which was called the region of monks before Islamism and the city of ulemas after Islamism that raised the most famous ulemas of the court from Mehmet the II ( Conqueror of İstanbul ) to Suleyman the Magnificent. After the decease of Jesus Christ,Virgin Mary was obliged to move from Jerusalem with Saint Jean cause of the Pagans.They travelled to Ephesus ,built a house at the top of Bulbul mountain and lived there until they die.The church that hosts to the tomb of Saint Jean is in Selçuk (Ephesus)  town. However, the tomb of Virgin Mary can not be found and as a Christian belief she was rised to the sky.It is said that , during their trip to Ephesus, Virgin Mary stayed in Tire to wait Saint Jean for finishing their houses at the top of Bulbul mountain which is near to Ephesus ancient city.

For this reason ,there are two distircts naming “Upper Virgin Mary” and “Lower Virgin Mary” in Tire.Besides , The name of the creek at Derekahve is “creek of Thanks Giving “ the name of the Ayazma (chapel) near to that creek is Virgin Mary Chapel ( Chapel de la Saint Vierge) the name of creek of the chapel is “ Holy Water”. There were 3 churches in this part of the city. One named as Eisodu Theotokon ( The Arrival of Mary) which was collapsed. The other 2 were named as Derekahve (upper Mary District ) and Komiseos Tis Theotokou ( Mary Who Carried The Holy God in Her Abdomen).The famous Niamera icon was in the second church.That icon was like watching you whereever you were in the church.The setreet was called Street of the Churches.None of the churches were dedicated of Virgin Mary in  the other  neighbourhoods.On the other hand 5 of the 17 churches were dedicated to Mary and 2 district , 1 street and an Ayazma were named about Virgin Mary in Tire.

Tire hosts highly important artifacts such as the unique Yalınayak Bath that is thought to be built by Mimar Sinan with a navel stone for 20 people, the wine pool in Hisarlık  Village that was one of the Orthodox centers, Ulu Mosque that was converted into a mosque from church and that has the quotes of Saint Catherina on its walls, the mint that printed the first money of Anatolia, the kulliye that was built by the dowry money of Yıldırım Beyazit’s wife Hafsa Hatun, and many manuscripts.

The most important artifacts that survived until today from this town that showed the most beautiful examples of brotherhood of religions where the Jews, Christians and Muslims lived together for years, are the unique Agia Kiryaki Chapel that is built back to back and Ekinhisarı Mosque. Şemsettin Bey Mescid that was constructed on an Ayazma is the other example of this brotherhood. These structures that get the two religions together under a single roof prove that tolerance and friendshipwere hand in hand in this town before centuries.

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