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Tire Promotion
Tire is situated at a distance of 80 km (50 miles) to the south – east of Izmir. Tire neighbours of Selçuk (west), Torbalı (North-west) Bayındır (north) ve Ödemiş (east), all parts of İzmir Province, while to the south it is bordered by the districts of Aydın Province. It is known as "Green Tire". The area is 792 km2 and the population is 78.025 according to 2010 datas.

Physical features are determined by the alluvial plain of Küçük Menders River in its northern part and in its south by the mountains delimiting the parallel alluvial valley of Büyük Menderes River flowing between Aydın and the Aegean Sea.
Advantaged by its fertile soil and suitable climate, Tire district’s economy largely relies on production and processing of agricultural products, especially of figs, cotton, corn and other grains, cash crops like tobacco and sesame, fruits like watermelons, cherries, peaches and grenadines and dry fruits like walnuts and chestnuts.

Tire has one of the biggest open markets of the country which is established every Tuesday. A wide range of commodities from local fresh food to authentic costumes and crafts are sold with comperatively cheaper prices at this market. Therefore, a thundering  number of visitors pays a visit to Tire every Tuesday.

Another treasure of the town is its unique cuisine. You may find an incredably wide range of meals made mainly with herbs. On the other hand, you may try the "Tire style meatball" and the dessert made by blackberry and cheese.

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