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There are four main places to accomodate in Tire. These are Gülcüoğlu Konakları, Otel Tirem, Tire Öğretmen Evi, Otel Koç. Apart from these facilities there are 8 small motels.

Gülcüoğlu Konaklar
Architecturally, mansions were built up with baroque rococo style,  often used in last period buildings of Ottoman Empire. The side-by-side buildings are consisting of 3 mansions and they were used by Gülcüoğlu Abdülhalim Efendi, who was the mayor of Tire Municipality for two period, and his family as a house until 1990’s. Later on, Gülcü Mansions were devoted by Gülcüoğlu family to the Tire Municipality in order to serve to Tire Tourism.

Tire Municipality complemented the restoration project of the mansions in 2000 in order to serve  to Tire Tourism as Boutique Hotel the mansions as called 1st and 2nd Gülcü Konakları, were in 2007 opened  to the visitors.
There are 10 rooms 13 beds in Gülcüoğlu Boutique Hotel which hosts both the local people and visitors from the outside.
Address: Türkocağı Cad. Tire / İzmir.
Phone: (0232) 511 06 14
Fax: (0232) 512 51 83
E-Mail: gulcukonak@tire.bel.tr

Hotel Koç

Hotel Koç is the second facilit of Otel Tirem.It places on Lütfi Paşa Street.
Capability: 24 rooms,45 beds
Rooms have: Central heating, air condition, safe boxes, tv and wireless
Address: Lütfipaşa Cad. Tire
Phone: (0232) 511 31 00
Fax: (0232) 511 31 12

Tire Öğretmen Evi places on the Cumhuriyet Square the facility has special discounts for teachers and serves for all. With a wide garden it also serces as a restaurant.
Capacity: 30 beds
Rooms: Common
Restaurant: Different kinds of dishes and delicious grills, barbecues. Alcohol is also served. The facility has indoor and outdoor spaces.
Cafe: In a wide garden with fresh air.
Other: Common room and game salon.
Phone and fax: (0232) 512 63 42

Hotel Tirem
Places on Cumhuriyet Square and has a panoramic Tire view from it’s terrace.
Here is some details.
Capacity: 30 standart and 5 suits.
Stars: 3
Rooms: Air conditions, balconies and bird’s eye Tire view. Restaurant 300 people capacity, local dishes and open for all with a cafe-bar
Other: Authentic cafe with local furnishing.
Address: Cumhuriyet Square
Phone: (0232) 512 23 14
Fax: ( 0232 ) 511 02 06

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